Lighted Fools Collection


The Lighted Fools is a Bi-Co (Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College) improv and sketch comedy group. They perform shows twice per semester and host fun events. Auditions for this club are held in the Spring.

The finding aid for additional physical materials pertaining to Lighted Fools is available here.

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The Spag Master Draft Script
The Nursery Script
Birds that Chirp Fuck Script
Alabaster Heights Script
The Lighted Fools: Adult Daycare flyer
Gus Pearson Simmons Script
Lighted Fools 2020-2021 Performances Description
Oracle Gets Sponsored Script
Bromoerotic Bachelorette Script
Die Hard 6 Script
The Lighted Fools: Sit Down in the Shower flyer
Scammer vs. Grandma Script
Sisters and Sorcery Script
Thank Our Vets: A Music Video
No-brainer Shoes Script
Mobster Under the Bed Script
Habitats: The Classroom Script
Flayed Script
Zodiac Serial Monogamist Script