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Thousands of images of Friends’ meeting houses have been brought together digitally in this online collection. Photographs from both the Quaker Collection of Haverford College and Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College are available here. The majority of these images come from within Philadelphia and New York Yearly Meetings, but also include pictures from across the United States and abroad.

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The inside of a Quaker meetinghouse

Friends Historical Library Miscellaneous Manuscripts is an on-going collection. Before the era of digital surrogates, it included primary and some secondary documents, original manuscripts and photocopies, by and about Quakers and of the Society of Friends and its testimonies. The collection includes significant holdings relevant to antislavery, peace, temperance, women's rights, penal reform, and other social concerns of Quakers in the United States and in England. 

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Close up of a handwritten letter discussing the capabilities of the staff of the Liberator newspaper

This collection contains miscellaneous photographs, engravings, illustrations, and other images, acquired over time from various sources by the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. Most depict Quaker schools or the the homes of Quaker families. There are also historically Quaker senior homes, conference and retreat centers, colleges and universities, and social service agencies (hospitals, orphanages, etc.). There are images of additional miscellaneous organizations and topics related to the Society of Friends, as well as some subjects and locales with no direct or obvious connection to Quakerism.

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Engraving of George Fox's head and shoulders

Established in 1871, Friends Historical Library collects archival, manuscript, printed, and visual records concerning the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) from their origins in the mid-seventeenth century to the present. The holdings are a significant research collection for the regional and local history of the middle-Atlantic region of the United States, the history of American social reform, the involvement of Quakers in a variety of movements and organizations.

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A broadside titled "The Case for the People Called Quakers"

The Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College is devoted to the history of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and its concerns. The Library includes printed works dating from the mid-seventeenth century to the present, as well as archives, manuscripts and other materials. This virtual collection is a small sample of its approximately 60,000 visual resources holdings.

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Black and white photograph of Lucretia and James Mott from the shoulders up


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