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The TriCollege Libraries Digital Collections include unique and rare archival collections, manuscripts, publications, ephemera, maps, photographs, and audiovisual content, including oral histories, from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges. The materials available reflect the strengths and collecting priorities of each institution. To browse the collections of an individual institution, use the "All Institutions" drop down menu below.
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This collection consists primarily of the correspondence of Beulah Hurley Waring (1886-1988) and relates principally to her relief work after World War I in Europe and Russia under the auspices of several Friends' group. Beulah Hurley, a Quaker, attended Columbia Teachers College and taught at State Teachers College in Newark. She taught at a Friends School in Philadelphia prior to working for various relief organizations during and after World War I, especially with the child feeding program. She applied for a position to work as a nurse's aid in Chalon, France in 1917. She was sent to France in 1918 and became the head of the section to provide food and shelter for victims of the war. In 1921, she was among the first American woman to enter Russia under the American Relief Administration, though members of the AFSC (Nancy Babb, Miriam West and Murray Kenworthy) entered with her, and, indeed, Anna Haines had come in 1917. Hurley, along with Miriam West, carried the entire responsibility for relief of 200,000 starving people. The area in which she worked, Buzuluk, in the heart of the Russian steppe, was demarcated as the Quaker service area. Hurley was made Field Director in 1922. In 1922, Hurley developed typhoid fever. In March 1922, Robert Dunn, a journalist, whose writings also appear in this collection, arrived to take over publicity work. Harry and Rebecca Timbres also arrived that spring. Beulah was made field director in May, after Murray Kenworthy left to return to the States. She married Alston Waring in 1928, with whom she had children.

The correspondence begins in 1918 when Hurley headed to France to provide relief in war-torn areas, such as Sermaize. Her job consisted of assistance in providing food aid to the starving population under the direction of Friends' War Victims Relief Committee. In 1919, Hurley moved around Europe, including to Austria and Germany, where she was put in charge of equipment, now working for the American Friends Service Committee. In 1920, she made note of the Russo-Polish conflict and continued her description of her duties and a conference she attends. In 1921, she continued doing relief work in Poland, and received her papers for work to continue in Russia. In 1922, already posted in Russia, in Sorochinskoye in Buzuluk district, she kept a day book containing precise numbers of people assisted and food, medicine and transportation. 


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Beulah Hurley Waring papers

A selection of photographs from the Bryn Mawr-Haverford College News. Access to these photographs is limited to members of the Tri-College community.

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The Haverford Women's Lacrosse Team, 2005

This collection consists primarily of the correspondence, journals, and memorabilia of Anna Margaret (Davis) Jackson (1848-1920) and her daughter, Anna Morris (Jackson) Branson Theiss (1881-1960), Quaker activists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It also includes related materials of the Davis, Price, Jackson, and Fox families as well as some correspondence of William M. Jackson and memorabilia of Anna Florence (Branson) Boardman, and Myron Lewis Boardman. There are significant materials relating to prison reform, women's suffrage, peace, and equal rights for black Americans in New York City in the late 19th century, Quaker activities throughout the period, the Schofield Normal and Industrial School in the late 19th century, and Swarthmore College in the 1890's and 1930's. 

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Portion of typewritten letter from the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to Anna Jackson

The student newspaper of Bryn Mawr College, published weekly (except holidays) during the academic year. Issues from 1914 - 1968 have been digitized.

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Bryn Mawr College News

This collection includes photographs, slides, transparencies, and negatives depicting the history of Bryn Mawr College from the mid 1800s to the late 1990s. Images depict individuals associated with the College, including faculty, staff, students, and alumnae/i; historical and current College buildings and campus landscapes; events, including commencement, sports, plays, and traditions; and group photographs. The majority of the images are black-and-white, though there are some color images from the late 1960s through the 1990s. Early photographic formats include cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, cyanotypes, and photomechanical prints.

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Bryn Mawr College Photo Archives

This collection primarily includes postcards depicting the Bryn Mawr College campus and individual buildings, though some also show traditions and events like May Day or Lantern Night.

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Bryn Mawr College Postcards

This collection aggregates a variety of publications produced by the College, including the Bryn Mawr College News and yearbooks, as well as books about the College's history and entrance examinations.

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Bryn Mawr College Publications

This collection contains scrapbooks and photograph albums assembled by Bryn Mawr College alumnae/i, focusing on their years at Bryn Mawr College. The scrapbooks contain personal memorabilia, such as letters and cards, programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, souvenirs from dances and dinners, and college traditions material. Poems, drawings, and notes from friends give a distinctive perspective into daily life at Bryn Mawr College. Each scrapbook is unique and gives the reader an impression of the author, her era, and Bryn Mawr College.

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Bryn Mawr College Scrapbook and Photo Album Collection

The Bryn Mawr College Special Collections Department manages the College’s extensive collections of rare books, manuscriptsart works, cultural artifacts, and the College’s archives. This digital collection currently includes materials from the rare books, manuscripts, and the College's archives collections. Materials from the art and artifacts collections can be found in TriArte, and scholarship produced at the College can be found in Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work at Bryn Mawr College.

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Bryn Mawr College Special Collections

On November 2, 2020, the Bryn Mawr College Strike Collective, an anonymous group of Bryn Mawr students, declared a campus strike "both in solidarity with the Haverford College strike and in recognition that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) students at Bryn Mawr have experienced similar historical anti-Black violence, institutional racism, silencing, and instances of white supremacy." On November 3, the Strike Collective issued a set of demands to the college administration requiring an "effective timeline and budget plans for how these demands will be met, and how they will account to deconstruct the oppressive systems that marginalize members of Bryn Mawr’s BIPOC community." The strike continued for 16 days, ending on November 19th, upon which the Strike Collective changed their name to the Black Student Liberatory Coalition. This collection includes documents released by the Strike Collective and the college administration; email correspondence; meetings minutes; posts to the Strike Collective's Instagram account; and Zoom videos of sit-ins, town halls, and teach-ins.

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Bryn Mawr College Strike Collective

A curated collection of Bryn Mawr College websites captured using the Archive-It web crawler. Currently, websites cannot be replayed directly in this site, and only a screenshot is displayed. Web ARChive (WARC) files and an index to the website in plain text (ASC) format are downloadable for most records. To view the archived website click the link labeled "Archived Website" in the description below the screenshot. To view the complete collection of TriCollege archived websites, see

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Bryn Mawr College Web Archives Collection