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On November 2, 2020, the Bryn Mawr College Strike Collective, an anonymous group of Bryn Mawr students, declared a campus strike "both in solidarity with the Haverford College strike and in recognition that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) students at Bryn Mawr have experienced similar historical anti-Black violence, institutional racism, silencing, and instances of white supremacy." On November 3, the Strike Collective issued a set of demands to the college administration requiring an "effective timeline and budget plans for how these demands will be met, and how they will account to deconstruct the oppressive systems that marginalize members of Bryn Mawr’s BIPOC community." The strike continued for 16 days, ending on November 19th, upon which the Strike Collective changed their name to the Black Student Liberatory Coalition. This collection includes documents released by the Strike Collective and the college administration; email correspondence; meetings minutes; posts to the Strike Collective's Instagram account; and Zoom videos of sit-ins, town halls, and teach-ins.

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