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Letter to Selina, Countess of Huntington, 1775-04-10
Letter to George Washington Taylor, 1846-11-11
Mary Kite diary
1905 March 26, Awbury, to Mother
1830 November 10, Woodbourne, to Brother, Philadelphia
Mary Passmore diary
1789 December 12, to Brother
Letter to Moses Brown, 1774-05-09
1901 August 12, Jamestown R.I., to My dearest wife
Letterbook of Robert Pleasants
Mary Kite letter
Letter to Moses Brown, 1773-12-28
Edith Griffith letter to Rebecca White
1833 May 22, Philadelphia, to Dear Brother, Woodbourne, Susquehanna Country, Pa
1911 July 2, Awbury, to Dear Mother
New Mexico Woman Suffrage Association portraits