Wilbur Family Papers


The materials in this collection relate to the Wilbur family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They include a photograph of Henry Oscar Wilbur (1834-1925), founder of H.O. Wilbur & Sons chocolate company; the autobiography of his son, Bertrand K. Wilbur (1870-1945), a medical doctor who practiced in Alaska before returning to the Philadelphia area in 1900 to supervise the chocolate factory; and a history of the Wilbur family compiled by Ross T. Wilbur in 1982. Several of Bertrand K. Wilbur's descendants attended Haverford College, including sons Bertrand H. Wilbur (Class of 1921), Henry Lawrence Wilbur (Class of 1923), and Donald Elliott Wilbur (Class of 1924), as well as grandson Elliott Wilbur (Class of 1951).

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J.A.M. (Just About Me) J.A.U. (Just About Us) Volume 2
J.A.M. (Just About Me) J.A.U. (Just About Us) Volume 3
Happy Days & Special Events of the Wilbur Family, 1898-1980
H.O. Wilbur photograph