Single Leaf Manuscripts

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The Single Leaf Manuscripts Collection features several dozen medieval manuscripts donated by Sigmund Harrison. Most of these are religious texts and written in Latin. Additional highlights of this collection, gifts of Felix Usis, include six papal bulls, a document sealed by Queen Elizabeth I, a legal document signed by Louis XV, a letter signed by Philip II of Spain to the man in charge of supplies for his armada, and a few Arabic manuscripts, including one with an extraordinary illustration of a medieval battle scene.

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Legal text excerpt
Marriage contract
1 Maccabees, 5:16-45
Contract agreement between Claude Focques, Guillume Marchant, and King Charles IX
Greek papyrus fragment
Biblical commentary excerpt on St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans I, 1-3
Bible excerpt
Hymn excerpt
Unidentified Latin document
Land grant
Legal document
Charter for a dowry
Greek papyrus fragment
Missal excerpt
Liturgical text excerpt
Legal document