Quaker Broadsides and Pamphlets


The Quaker Broadsides and Pamphlets collection consists of over 800 titles from the collections of Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College and Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. It includes works from 1657 to the present. Some of the items in the collection are composed of a single, unfolded sheet with printing on only one side. Many others, however, are multiple pages and smaller sizes. Topics of the broadsides include: exhortations by Quakers against the slave trade; testimonials regarding deceased Friends; petitions to government authorities for recognition of various Quaker testimonies, including conscientious objection to war and refusal to take oaths; advice and caution to Quakers regarding their conduct of life; and theological arguments both within the Society of Friends and regarding other religions.

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To the Friends composing the monthly meetings of Cherry Street and Green Street, in Philadelphia
A plea for practical propriety in the use of sound speech that cannot be condemned.
To the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled
Yearly Meeting, 1841 : report to the Yearly Meeting from the general meeting for Ackworth School, held in London, by adjournment, the 18th of 5th Month, 1841
Advice to church-wardens, respecting the usual oath administered to them in the Ecclesiastical courts, etc.
An epistle from the Yearly Meeting, held in London, by adjournments, from the 20th of the fifth month to the 30th of the same, 1818 :bTo the next Yearly Meeting to be held in Dublin .
The epistle from the Yearly Meeting held in London, by adjournments, from the 18th of the Fifth month, to the 30th of the same, inclusive, 1814, to the Quarterly and Monthly meetings of Friends in Great Britain, Ireland and elsewhere
An epistle from the Yearly Meeting of Friends in Ireland, held in Dublin, by adjournments, from the 26th of the fourth month to the 1st of the fifth month, inclusive, 1847 : to Friends in Ireland
Report from the Committee of Management to the Quarterly Meeting / Croydon School
An epistle from our Yearly-Meeting, held in London, by adjournments, from the 19th day of the Fifth Month, to the 24th of the same, inclusive, 1755 : to our Friends and brethren, at their next Yearly-Meeting, to be held at Philadelphia, for Pennsylvania a
An epistle from the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held at Burlington the seventeenth, to the twenty first of the Seventh Month, 1726 : To the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings belonging to the same .
At a quarterly-meeting held by adjournment at Gracechurch-street, the 17th of the 2d month 1772 : The following minute from the six-weeks-meeting being now brought in, was read .
Claim for exemption from military duty, under the enrollment and draft of militia ordered by the President of the United States, on the fourth day of August, 1862
Some expressions of the late Robert Pryor, of London, committed to writing by his brother, John Pryor, who attended him in his last illness
From our Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, held in New York, by adjournments, from the 29th of Fifth-month, to 4th of Sixth-month, 1856 : to the Quarterly and Preparative Meetings constituting it
An epistle from New-York Yearly Meeting of Women Friends to its absent members
Extracts from the minutes of the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in New York, by adjournments, from the 29th of Fifth month to the 4th of Sixth month, inclusive, 1863
At the Monthly Meeting of Friends, held in New York 7th of Eighth Month, 1867 :bThe Minute of the Yearly Meeting .