Ira De Augustine Reid Collection


The materials in this collection pertain to Dr. Ira De Augustine Reid (1901-1968), a prominent sociologist and Haverford College’s first Black tenured professor. Most of the items in this collection relate to the U.S. State Department’s suspension of Reid’s passport from 1952 to 1954 due to suspicion of “communist sympathies” and Reid’s successful campaign to have his passport returned.

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Excerpts from Statement by Ira DeA. Reid to the Department of State, December 14, 1952
Envelope sent to Ira De. A. Reid, December 3, 1953
Dulles to be Invited to Foundation Quiz
Receipt of Telegram to the Honorable Brooks Hays
Copy of Letter to William Allen Rahill, December 26, 1952
Letter to Gilbert White, February 5, 1955
Publications of Ira De.A. Reid, 1925-1959
Supplement to Passport Regulations, Title 22, Chapter I, Part 51, Subpart B
Reid -- Prof. Ira De A. ... obituary
Dr. Ira Reid Dies: A Sociologist, 67
Haverford's Dr. Reid, 65, Expects a Busy 'Retirement'
Statement of Ira De A. Reid, December 14, 1952
Notarized Affirmation of Not Supporting Communist Party
Letter to Ira De. A. Reid, November 7, 1949
Ira DeAugustine Reid 1901-1968
Copy of Letter to the Editor, New York Times, December 26, 1952
Letter to Ira De. A. Reid, December 9, 1953
Letter to Miriam Jones, May 10, 1967