Friendly Association Papers


The “Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures” was established in 1756 by a group of eminent Quakers in Philadelphia following months of horrific violence between settlers and Native Americans on the Pennsylvania frontier.

The Friendly Association papers contain hundreds of unique and detailed accounts of behind-the-scenes treaty negotiations; historical documents dating back to the early years of Pennsylvania related to work with Indigenous groups; the correspondence of Pemberton and others relating to fund-raising and the exigencies of Pennsylvania politics; and missives from Indian leaders, transcribed or otherwise transmitted by an intricate network of Indian “go-betweens” who maintained almost constant contact with the Association.

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Samuel Lightfoot's agreement with owners of horses, March 1, 1759
Israel Pemberton's letter to General Stanwix, August 6, 1759
General Forbes' message to the Shawanese & Delaware Indians, November 9, 1758
Bills and Receipts, April 18, 1760
Minutes of Conference at Fort Pitt between George Croghan, Deputy for Indian Affairs and the Indians of various tribes, May 7, 1768
Governor Denny's letter to Provincial Commissioners, June 19, 1758
Francis Hackett's letter to Israel Pemberton, July 9, 1758
Pemberton's Letter from Charles Read, May 27, 1758
Account of goods delivered to a Delaware Chief, July 9, 1771
Account of the Indians at Easton Treaty, October 1758
Bills and Receipts, March 1, 1759
Israel Pemberton's letter to General Forbes, July 19, 1758
General Forbes' letter to Israel Pemberton, September 9, 1758
Pemberton's Letter from Nathaniel Holland, October 16, 1760
Nathaniel Holland's letter to Israel Pemberton, December 18, 1758
Journal of Frederick Post, June 20, 1758
Bills and Receipts, March 1, 1759
Memoranda of Jeremy Truxley's Conversation with Indians About The Walk, March 1757
Samuel Lightfoot's letter to Israel Pemberton, January 17, 1759
Letter to Israel Pemberton, February 12, 1759