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To the Friends composing the monthly meetings of Cherry Street and Green Street, in Philadelphia
Mary Kite letter to John L. Kite
At a yearly meeting of the religious Society of Friends, held in London, by adjournments, from the 20th of the 5th month, to the 29th of the same, inclusive, 1829
Epistle : at a Yearly Meeting held in the City of New-York, by adjournments from the 26th to the 31st of 5th month, inclusive, 1828, composed of Friends of New-York, Vermont, Connecticut, and the province of Canada
Epistle from our Yearly Meeting of New-York, held by adjournments from the 28th [i.e., 25th] to the 29th of the 5th Month, inclusive, 1829 : to the Meetings and members composing the same
Thou must have forgotten, that the general tenor of the communication was as follows