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1897 January 10, Saranac Lake, to Dear Father
1902 October 22, Woodbourne, to Dearest Mother
1910 September 2, Philadelphia, to Mother
1902 August 12, Holderness, to My dearest Mother
1887 August 23, Philadelphia, to My Darling Wife
1899 October 28, Fellsworth, to My dear Lillie
1895 August 24, Little Boars Head, New Hampshire, to My dear Cousin
1893 July 4, Awbury, to My Dear Wife
1887 June 23, Philadelphia, to My dearest wife
1899 September 28, Awbury, to Dearest wife
1902 March 17, Awbury, to My dear cousins
1886 July 23, Philadelphia, to My own dear wife
Agnes L. Tierney letter to Emily Howland
Emily Howland letter to Isabel Howland
Emily Howland letter to Lydia King
Graceanna Lewis letter
Emily Howland and Isabel Howland letters to Caroline F. Putnam
Emily Howland letter to Isabel Howland