Mary Whitall Worthington Papers

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Mary Whitall Worthington (d. 1912) was a graduate of Bryn Mawr College class of 1910 and the president of the Bryn Mawr chapter of the Woman’s Equal Suffrage League. She was the niece of the College’s second president, M. Carey Thomas. After graduating from Bryn Mawr, Worthington attended Johns Hopkins Medical School but died as the result of congenital heart failure in January 1912. This collection primarily includes Worthington’s diaries, covering her time at Bryn Mawr College and her first year of medical school at Johns Hopkins University and interspersed with photographs, correspondence, and ephemera. They are extensive and eloquent reflections on Worthington’s life as a young woman attending college in the early 20th century. The collection also includes Worthington’s notes, a speech written for a Suffrage League meeting, and a handwritten play.

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Letter to Mary Worthington from M. Carey Thomas,     November 5, 1911
Mary Worthington diary, 1909-1910
Notes from the Bryn Mawr College Equal Suffrage League     chapter, 1910
Mary Worthington partial diary entry, approximately     1906
A list of books read by Mary Worthington, June-October     1910
Notes or a journal entry by Mary Worthington discussing     Bryn Mawr College faculty.
An untitled play by Mary Worthington
Mary Worthington's course and exam notes.
Mary Worthington diary, 1908-1909
Speech from a Suffrage League meeting.
Mary Worthington diary, 1907-1908
Index cards with excerpts from the Laws of the State of     New York
Mary Worthington diary, 1910
Public ledger, June 3, 1910
Mary Worthington diary, 1907
Notes or a journal entry by Mary Worthington discussing     college coursework.