Early Advertising Collection

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The Early Advertising Collection contains European and American printed advertisements dating from 1790 to 1910. The majority of the collection are trade cards of the late nineteenth century.

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Hire's Cough Candy
Hale, Kilburn & Co. Champion Folding Bed and Crib
Van Stan's Stratena Cement
Compliments of W. M. Williams
Jacob Grell, Bronzing in all Varieties
Hanthorn & Turner Trunks and Traveling Bags
J. H. Watchorn's Superior Foreign Wines
G. &. R. Webb's Wine and Spirit Warehouse
James Pyles Pearline
Hoyt's German Cologne
E.G. Burrows', Youths', Boys' and Childrens' Fine Clothing
Dr J.C Ayer & Co's Ayer's Hair Vigor