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1893 July 20, Awbury, to My Dear Wife, Conanicut
To My dear Henry, Weston
Mary Anna Longstreth letter to Rebecca Collins
1897 September 3, Awbury, to My Dear Wife, Jamestown
1864 October 14, Newport, to My dear sister
1895 July 16, Awbury, to My Dear Wife
1892 July 17, Woodbourne, to Dear Anna
1893 September 1, Awbury, to My Dear Wife
1892 July 8, Awbury, to Dear Anna
1892 June 5, Awbury, to Dear Anna
Elizabeth Dorsey letter to Martha Schofield
1865 July 23, Awbury, to My dear Lillie
Ellen M. Patrick letter to Martha Schofield
Emily Howland letter to Hannah Letchworth Howland
1890 August 2, Awbury, to Dear Anna, Newport
1847 July 29, Newport, to My Dear Mary
Letter to Martha Schofield and Eliza H. Schofield