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Brizeaux Hospital.
Men's ward at Chateau Hospital [at] Sermaize.
Operating Room. Chateau Hospital. / Operation room at Chateau Hospital Sermaize.
Women's ward Chateau hospital / Womens ward at Chateau Hospital. Sermaize.
Chateau Hospital at Sermaize
Hospital at Rheims.
Brizeaux Hospital
Convalescents at Brizeaux. hospital.
St. Remy. hospital.
Children at St. Remy with nurse
Children's Ward. Brizeaux Hospital. / childrens ward Brizeaux hospital.
Mens ward Brizeaux / Men's Ward Brizeaux
Brizeau Hospital
Dr. Babbitt at Sermaize
Children's ward Chateau hospital
Hospital for Red cross. [ first work done by American
[Hospital Ward]
Mlle. Merle, Directrice of Maternity + Baby House at Chalons. / Mlle. Merle and baby at Chalons.