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Ragged children in the Vogtland.
Smaller children much under standard - Marienbrug.
Normal + undernourished girls. Magdeburg.
Dr. Hoff's hospital - Barmen.
Sheep used for milk + wool for stockings.
Berlin school - Note Quaker food tilke[?] tied around neck for safe keeping.
Marking attendance.
Ernest Votaw - 11 + 6 yr. old children.
Catherine Cox and a group of children.
The 'Quaker Child' par excellence.
Food Line at Gorlitz.
School yard - Pforzheim.
Dr. Neumann's Children's Home.
East Berlin Kindergarten.
Eating in school in Mannheim.
Capt. Stader (A.R.A - JA- J. Brown (A.[illegible]) + German child - Kattowitz.
Children at school - Leipzig.
Weisbach - Erzgebirge.