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Newspaper articles about Belva Lockwood
Paper presented by Belva A. Lockwood
'A Resume of International Arbitration and the National Conference at Washington"
'Arbitration and the Treaties"
'The Hague Arbitration Court"
'Peace and the Outlook: An American View"
'The Central American Peace Congress and an Arbitration Court: A Chapter in History"
'Peace Meeting, The Hague Conference" notes
Interparliamentary Conference Resolution
Belva Lockwood notes
Elie Ducommun, 1900
d'Estournelles de Constant de Rebecque, 1852-1924, France
d'Estournelles de Constant, inscription dated April 16, 1907
Frederic Passy
Frederic Passy
Frederic Passy
Frederic Passy
Levi K. Joslin, Providence, R.I.
Senateur Henri La Fontaine