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1839 November 6, Philadelphia, to sister Anna, Salem
1851 December 29, Woodbourne, to Dear Brother, Philadelphia
1897 August 31, Awbury, to Dear Wife
1911 April 2, Ann Arbor, to My dearest Sister
1831 June 3, Woodbourne, to Dear Brother, Philadelphia
1838 June 12, Woodbourne, [to Alfred Cope], Philadelphia
1881 July 9, Montrose, to Anna
1831, March 9, Woodbourne, to Dear Brother, Philadelphia (Pa.)
Constancy of the people called Quakers, in their testimony against popery, sincerely asserted, in opposition to a perverss lybel, falsly stiled...
Graceanna Lewis letter to Grace R. Lewis
Through Crutches Wood Jordans Village
To the emperor of Canada
Great God who is the power and wisdom that made you and me, Incline your hearts to Righteousness, Love, and peace
Loving Friends, I am surprised to hear my bills for three hundred and odd pounds should be refused...
By the King and Queen, a proclamation for discovering and apprehending the late Bishop of Ely, William Penn, and James Grahme
Frieze of William Penn above Sharpless Hall