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1895 September 19, Awbury, to My Dear Wife
1904 February 27, Camden, S.C., to Dearest Mother
Photograph of Jonathan Evans
1879 August 10, Montrose, to Rachel, Newport
1903 April 22, Auburndale, to My dearest Mother
1906 August 30, Jamestown, to My dearest Father
1910 September 26, Fowler's Rocks, to My dear Lillie
1906 June 29, Jamestown, to My dearest Father
1910 October 10, Woodbourne, to My beloved Mother
1893 September 9, Awbury, to My Dear Wife, Conanicut
1857 March 7, Covenant of exoneration, Hannah Rhoads and others to William Evans and others, Executors of Jonathan Evans, w/ Receipt Endorsement of Mary R. Haines and others...
1906 July 4, Jamestown, to My dearest Mother
1911 April 10, Awbury, to My dear Lillie
1840 September 22, Covenant of Thomas Evans, executor with Hannah Rhoads, daughter of Jonathan Evans
1874 May 29, Atlantic City, to Sister mine, Germantown
1902 September 12, Awbury, to Dear Rachel