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Construction of Rhoads Hall photograph album, 1937-1938
Park Science Center construction photograph album, 1937-1938
Photographs of Bryn Mawr College, 1899
M. Carey Thomas Library photograph album, circa 1969
Photograph album of M.B.K, circa 1901
Ely photograph album, circa 1893
Views of Bryn Mawr College photograph album, 1899
"The very best woman's college there is" : M. Carey Thomas and the making of the Bryn Mawr Campus exhibit, archived website
Joan Scheur interviewed by Caitlin Haskett, July 10, 2019
Nona Abrams interviewed by Caitlin Haskett, July 22, 2019
Susan Band Horwitz interviewed by Caitlin Haskett, July 11, 2019
Joan Wohl interviewed by Caitlin Haskett, July 8, 2019
Miriam Diamond interviewed by Caitlin Haskett, June 26, 2019
Mawrtyrs : Bryn Mawr women in the arts exhibit, archived website
Bryn Mawr plays : dramatic productions at Bryn Mawr College 1885-1920 exhibit, archived website
The Sargent portrait : M. Carey Thomas and John Singer Sargent exhibit, archived website
Building muscles while building minds : athletics and the early years of women's education exhibit, archived wesbite
Breaking ground, breaking tradition : Bryn Mawr and the first generation of women archaeologists exhibit, archived website