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Minutes of Free Produce Meeting 6 mo., 18, 1852 at Newport: at a meeting held in Friends Meeting house in Newport for the purpose of promoting the disuse of articles the produce of the labor of slaves
Thee, Hannah! [illustrations only]
United  Committes on the Cases of Slaves Minute, 1777-02-17 [extracts]
To our fellow members of the Religious Society of Friends
William Lloyd Garrison letter to Lucretia Mott
Lucretia Mott letter to Martha Mott Lord and family
Abby Hopper Gibbons letter to Sarah Hopper Palmer
Esther Fussell Lewis and Graceanna Lewis letter to Edwin Fussell and Rebecca Lewis Fussell
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Minutes, 1681-1746 [extracts]
The Original Papers of Manumission by the Monthly Meetings Composing the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia
Chesterfield Manumissions
Quaker address "To the Inhabitants of the Slave-holding States"
At a general meeting held this day at the Exchange Tavern [Manchester] Thomas Walker in the chair, Resolved [etc.]
Anti-slavery meeting : Benj. S. & J. Elizabeth Jones will hold anti-slavery meetings at ... : Friends, go and hear!
The British and American legislatures having passed an act, in the year 1807, for the abolition of the slave-trade, some of the friends of that great measure in England, formed themselves into a body under the title of "The African Institution" .


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