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1906 April 24, New Orleans, to My dear Sistes, Rome
William Stone letter to Martha Schofield
1834 January 6, Philadelphia, to Susan
Anna Webster Bunting letter to Martha Schofield
Mary H. Child letter to Martha Schofield; Eliza H. Schofield letter to Martha Schofield
Lucretia Mott letter to Martha Mott Lord
Letter to David Wright
Howard W. Elkinton letter to Katharine Wistar Elkinton
Katharine Wistar Elkinton letter to Howard W. Elkinton
Ethel R. Potts letter to Beulah Hurley Waring
1895 August 26, Awbury, to My Dear Wife
1873 July 23, Connymead, to Rachel
1839 April 13, Woodbourne, to Dear Brother, Philadelphia
Lydia A. Schofield, Samuel S. Ash, and Sarah J. Ash letters to Martha Schofield
Charles Waring letter to Beulah Hurley Waring
1833 December 18, Philadelphia, to Uncle


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