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Letter from Frederick Gookin to his wife, September 22,     1919
Letter from M. Carey Thomas to Mary Elizabeth Garrett, January 12, 1890
Postcards from Marie Litzinger to her sister Katherine, November 13 and 14, 1923
M.A. & S. Root's Daguerreotype Miniature Gallery
American Watches and Jewelry on Exhibition and for Sale
Chicorée de Ronne
Pier and Mantel Frame Ware Rooms (C. Faser)
Aux Grands-Carmes : Confiturerie Bruxelloise (H. Maussion)
S. Alcock & Co., Hill Pottery
Cattell & Craig, House and Sign Painters and Glass Stainers
Samuel W. Cattell, House and Sign Painter and Glass Stainer
Frederick Brown, Philadelphia
Caldwell & Co.
Selling Off! Great Bargains
Perles du Japon (Potage recherché)
Perles du Japon (Potage recherché)
Willard's Inimitable Sky-Light Photographs
John Wanamaker & Co.
Yates & Co. Clothing


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